Breaking Down the Prison-Industrial Complex Breaking Down the Prison-Industrial Complex

Posted By : Alisha Wood | Date : 04-29-2016

You might hear the words “prison-industrial complex” thrown around on national news or your weekly newspaper, but how this concept applies to you, your children and your freedom may be a bit hazy. It is one of those phrases that may be controversial, but describes a very real trend that has emerged in our society and cannot be ignored. The prison-industrial complex describes the overcrowding of jails, the growth of public surveillance and the increase in police intimidation over the past century.


The harsh truth is this: prison is a business. It contributes to the state’s economy, provides jobs and produces goods through inmate labor. As prisons have become privatized and this exchange of money and goods has escalated, the need for inmates, for filling jails, has risen as well.


Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems


The exchange of money may be what makes our world go ‘round, but it is also a dangerous commodity that can affect the structures that exist within our society, including prisons. Private prison companies have taken control of most jails nationwide, contracting businesses to supply goods like food, surveillance technology, construction, medical services, etc. to every prison. These companies are part of what allows our prisons to run smoothly and flourish, but as they begin to contract exclusively to government prison agencies, the demand for more work rises, and therefore the demand for more inmates and prisons.


What Does This Say About Our Prisons?


Our prisons, by way of the prison-industrial complex, have become a cyclical community structure. Though our justice system advocates for prisons as places for rehabilitation, it seems that those who get caught in the cycle of incarceration have little hope of getting out in better shape. We see so many former inmates unable to find work following their sentences, unable to find healing for mental illnesses or addiction that may have caused their time in prison in the first place. Because the main focus in the prisons seems to be the exchange of goods and wealth in management, less time, money and resources are being spent to give inmates what they need to succeed outside of the facility. They are caught in the cycle and further feeding this system.


What Do I Need to Know?


The prison-industrial complex is an unavoidable reality describing the way our prison system has come to work. However, being educated and knowing your rights are your two biggest tools to fighting the corruption. Learn about different legal proceedings, marijuana laws and your rights when pulled over for a DUI on our website and blog in order to prepare for the moment you may need to know. We also encourage you to always seek immediate legal advice if you are facing criminal charges. Your attorney will know how to help you fight for your freedom and fight against a system that aims to keep prisons full.


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