Benefits of Hiring a Private Attorney Benefits of Hiring a Private Attorney

Posted By : Alisha Wood | Date : 04-01-2016

When you find yourself defending DUI charges in California, the right attorney will make all the difference in the outcome of your case. While it may be tempting to simply go with the appointed public defender, choosing your own attorney by considering a number of different factors could increase your odds of a more successful court experience. Experienced DUI attorney Alisha Wood has the variables to consider when choosing the best attorney to represent your interests.


Look for a private attorney that specializes in the type of charges you are facing, giving you the edge in top quality representation. Attorneys that specialize in certain types of cases work with those specific situations daily, allowing them to put ample time into research and giving them experience representing those types of clients in court. While state-appointed lawyers may be very competent counsel in their own right, they may lack the experience in your particular type of litigation to offer you the best representation possible.


Experience is another essential factor when you are considering the best attorney for your needs. In addition to having the knowledge to represent you best, choose a private attorney with a wide range of familiar professionals they can call on to help you win your case. From investigators to medical experts, a private attorney should have a long list of references to utilize as needed so they can offer you the best defense possible.


The right private attorney will provide the necessary time and energy to ensure you have the best defense possible. Because they work for you directly, their interests are solely focused on ensuring you have a positive outcome from your case. Private attorneys may also have a greater ability to manage their caseloads to ensure each of their clients get the personal, high-quality service they deserve.


The investigation and preparation of nearly any case involves hiring experts to supply information, evidence and testimony. Those experts come with a price tag in many cases, and one in which a private attorney should be prepared to pay. In addition, private attorneys tend to have the support staff necessary to give your case the research time it deserves and is often needed to give you the best possible outcome.


Personal Attention
When you hire your own attorney, that professional is getting paid to provide you with all of the personal attention and hand-holding you might need to survive the legal process. You want a private attorney that will be with you through every step of the process, from your administrative DMV hearing to your court hearing. In addition to ensuring the best possible outcome, you are also likely to have a better experience overall with the right private attorney on your side.


The Ultimate Cost
When it comes to court-appointed attorneys, there are two basic kinds of professionals you might encounter. The first are experienced lawyers that are passionate about helping those that cannot afford counsel on their own. The second are law students or new attorneys that need experience to advance in their careers. These attorneys may have the education necessary to represent clients in court, but they do not offer the experience of a more seasoned defender.


If you decide to go with a public defender in hopes of saving legal fees, you do not get to choose your attorney like you do when you hire your own. You may work with a less experienced attorney or one that has a heavy caseload and cannot give you the personalized attention you were hoping for. When your future and your record is on the line, only the best defender will suffice. Making your own choice of attorneys usually correlates with a better outcome for you.


Alisha Wood is an experienced defense attorney in California that specializes in DUI defenses. She has also represented clients in a vast array of criminal cases, using her experience to get them the best possible outcomes in many of their cases. If you are caught in the legal system, don’t trust your case to just any representation. Contact the Law Offices of Alisha A. Wood at 619-356-2249.

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